Welcome to EVUL Empire Racing.

We started this endeavor in 2015 doing brushless electric motors and electronic speed controllers and it has gone through its ups and downs but now I think it’s finally smoothing out a bit.  At this time our products consist of Lithium Polymer batteries in the standard chemistry and a series of small capacity Drag Racing batteries in a Graphene chemistry. We also are offering High Current Capacitors to promote a stable voltage to the ESC and support the large loads presented to the battery in such extreme applications.

We are a small company with a small bank account and source premium materials for all of our products and right now, we make small orders. Our battery orders are maybe 25 to 30 pieces right now and we may be ordering every 2 to 3 weeks. Capacitors are pretty much made to order. We will always have a few of something ready to go, so you might just hit the jackpot and get what your looking for immediately or you may have to wait a week or 3 depending on how many we are working on. We build each one of these by hand so, it takes some time and I’m OCD which doesn’t help the production line procedures so, if you’re willing to wait for it, you’ll get the best battery and capacitor technology currently manufactured for the RC Vehicle market.

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